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Preparatory to anything futher

July 6, 2009

Let me explain myself a little better.

I am reasonably well-educated and in my late 20s, which, I suspect, makes me demographically similar to most first-, second- or (in my case) third-time readers of Infinite Jest.  Until last Tuesday at 3:41 PM I worked as a web/editorial lackey for a prestigious research institute in D.C. Due to an inconceivably fortunate turn of circumstances (were I religious I’d consider myself “blessed”) I was able to electively resign my position in order to follow a number of pursuits, foremost among which is the cessation, via gradual taper, of a multi-year tramadol dependency that has lately grown problematic and worrisome. My synthetic opiate dalliance started off innocently enough and the arc it followed has been so banal and predictable that it’s not even worth recounting here.

So where does Infinite Jest fit into all of this? As I alluded in the inaugural post, six or so months ago I found the book’s treatment of addiction and recovery compelling enough to inspire me to quit cold turkey for several weeks over the Christmas holidays. Of course, business-as-usual reasserted itself shortly thereafter and I didn’t so much fall off the wagon as skip right off at the closest convenient stop, whistling a happy tune. Now, due to the blessed change in circumstances mentioned above, I’ve been able to deal a vigorous and hopefully irreparable defenestration to business-as-usual. With Wallace’s book, again, acting as something of a guide and mentor, I hope also to give my drug habit the boot.

In the coming days I’ll be posting a tracking chart to monitor my progress toward a sustained state of substance-free living. As my head clears I hope also to be posting frequently on Infinite Jest — as I mentioned before I’m following the reading schedule set forth by the Infinite Summer project. Wish me luck.

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